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Toilet Danae Elia

Toilet Danae Elia

Dimensions:118 x 47,5 x 68 Y


Toilet Danae Elia
An extremely neat construction ideally designed to highlight your space in the most artistic way.

Danai Elia offers a special aesthetic to your space, thanks to its uniform curves, which are created throughout its design, and the light waters on its surface. Its overall presence exudes harmony in your space.

technical information

Its internal structure is made of solid chipboard and mdf frame. The wood surfaces are coated mdf with natural wood veneer and solid wood, despot.

Mechanisms: Hettich Quadro 23 SFG, capable of loading up to 25 kg, ENISO 9001 certified, guaranteed for 80,000 open/close cycles.

Shipping in 15-25 days

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Oak Antique Rustic
Oak Roustic
Olive Dark
Olive Fugi
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Olive Naturale
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