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a layer of top specifications ..!

Feel the luxury with a mattress of top specifications,
A mattress that will make you wake up happy.

The anatomical mattress Prince has a combination of the 2 most technologically advanced types of springs, pocket spring 5 zones 280 pcs / m2 and posturefit springs 500 pcs / m², to create the ultimate support for your body.

The high quality Latex ultra-elastic material with its numerous holes in combination with the top quality foam materials create an ideal feeling of comfort.

The ventilation of the mattress is achieved by the 10 breathing capsules (5 pcs on each side) that the mattress has and creates the ideal conditions for a perfect sleep.

Live like a prince .. !!

✓ Anatomical layer

✓ Independent spring system (Pocket spring) 280pcs / m²

✓ Perimeter steel spring retaining bar

Σης Comfort springs (Posturefit) 625pcs / m²

. Perimeter support from 2 rows of reinforced independent spring

✓ Natural Latex

✓ Capsules 10 pcs / layer

Exc Exclusive Knitted Fabric Fabric

Shipping in 15-25 days

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