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Pillow 247

Pillow 247

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Pillow 247
Pillow with COOLMAX velor fabric and polyester ball filling, for deep and restful sleep. Specially processed yarn that dissipates heat. Ideal for users with heavy sweating during sleep.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX
Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified mattresses guarantee superior sleep quality, as they are made of materials that are absolutely friendly to the human body. The international Oeko Tex certification confirms the absence of harmful substances from the mattress, offering safety to your sleep.

Polyester ball
Are you looking for a pillow that “respects” the needs of your body and offers the same quality feeling for a long time? The polyester ball is one of the best choices for filling pillows, as it offers comfort, easily returns to its original state and is extremely resistant to time. Our company uses excellent quality polyester that is friendly to human skin. Orion Strom’s polyester bib has an approved Oeko Tex 100 certification.

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