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MATTRESS Basic Pocket

MATTRESS Basic Pocket

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MATTRESS Basic Pocket
The simplest choice in its class, the Basic Pocket anatomical mattress is the immediate and economical solution for an extra mattress with sparse use. It has independent Pocket springs with lamella that have the ability to follow the body’s movements for better adaptation during sleep, especially when two people are on it.

Pocket with flap
910 pcs/160×200

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Mattress Features
18/20 cm
Adapts to the body

Laminate fabric
Polyester-cotton wadding 630 gr/m2
Non-woven G 13
Pressed cotton 900 gr/m2
Pocket springs with lamella
Perimeter support from foam No 250
Fascia, handles, rally in color
Pressed cotton 900 gr/m2
Non-woven G13
Polyester-cotton wadding 630 gr/m2
Laminate fabric

Shipping in 15-25 days

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090 x 190cm
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