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Electra Elia Fuji bedside table

Electra Elia Fuji bedside table

Dimensions:50 x 46.3 x 48


Electra Elia Fuji bedside table
The main feature of the bedside table is once again the curves that represent the luxurious appearance of the Electra. The special fabric knob highlights its uniqueness by emphasizing the detail.

Elektra Elia Fuji designed with strong curves and made of natural materials, revitalizes and shapes your space in a tasteful and elegant presence.

technical information

Its internal structure is made of a solid chipboard and mdf frame, while it is lined with mdf with natural oak veneer, rustic oak, despotaki, walnut.

Shipping in 15-25 days

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Oak Antique Rustic
Oak Roustic
Olive Dark
Olive Fugi
Olive More Dark
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Olive Naturale
Olive Nuovo
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