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Diamond Pure Memory MATTRESS

Diamond Pure Memory MATTRESS

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Diamond Pure Memory MATTRESS
Designed to make a big difference in your sleep, it has the ultimate Memory technology so that it can continuously offer a soft surface for a beneficial and restful sleep. With Memory soft and at the same time, Memory hard can return to its original position, regardless of the changes it receives during sleep, so you can enjoy an extra quality and anatomical surface for your body. It is supplemented with Memory Gel that ensures an ideal level of “breathability” and an excellent reaction against perspiration.

Memory Gel
Memory Foam
Foam Cover

Mattress Features
23/25 cm
Adapts to the body
Musculoskeletal support
Removable cover

Velute Diamond 8A fabric
Cotton batting 350 gr/m2
Woolen batting 400 gr/m2
Poly-cotton fabric
Memory gel – 5 cm
Memory soft – 5 cm
Memory hard – 10 cm
Fascia with 3D handles
Poly-cotton fabric
Woolen batting 400 gr/m2
Cotton batting 350 gr/m2
Velute Diamond 8A fabric

Shipping in 15-25 days

Select options

080 x 190cm
080 x 200cm
090 x 190cm
090 x 200cm
100 x 190cm
100 x 200cm
110 x 190cm
110 x 200cm
120 x 190cm
120 x 200cm
130 x 190cm
130 x 200cm
140 x 190cm
140 x 200cm
150 x 190cm
150 x 200cm
160 x 190cm
160 x 200cm
170 x 190cm
170 x 200cm
180 x 190cm
180 x 200cm
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