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Corner Sofa KRITI 300×240

Dimensions:300x240 cm



Dimension: 300×240

Based on black metal legs.

The seat cushions are made of polyurethane foam (6000) of medium hardness while the back cushions are filled with polyester fibers.

The frame of the sofa is made of solid wood (beech).

The wooden base of the sofa is made of natural oak.



Height to Back Pillow (cm) 90

Height to Back / Arm (cm) 72

Seat Height (cm) 44

Seat depth (cm) 67

Depth (cm) 78

Arm Width (cm) 40


We make sofas made in Greece, there is the possibility to be made in the dimension you want, choosing high quality materials at an affordable price.

Shipping in 15-25 days

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