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Children's berth NATURAL STUDIO 2

Children’s berth NATURAL STUDIO 2

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Children’s berth NATURAL STUDIO 2
Product dimensions:

Width: 2.47 m Height: 1.89 m Depth: 0.95 cm

The new proposal from the NATURAL STUDIO series will help you gain even more space in the child’s room. With the bed raised it gives you the possibility to create a desk underneath and also a wardrobe for his clothes, at the same time the stairs generously offer you more storage space.

This proposal includes
Children’s bed above N-1413 | Cilek
Children’s bed above N-1413
x 1
Bed support base N-1412 | Cilek
Bed support base N-1412
x 1
Children’s office N-1411 | Cilek
Children’s office N-1411
x 1
Bunk ladder N-1416 | Cilek
N-1416 bunk ladder
x 1
Children’s wardrobe N-1410 | Cilek
Children’s wardrobe N-1410
x 1

Shipping in 15-25 days

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